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We offer some of the best prices in the area. We know how important it is to be budget friendly. When you're on vacation, you want most of your budget to go towards having fun and making memories. At Valley Car Rentals, you'll both save money and get in a great vehicle.


Our vehicles are regularly inspected to ensure you can enjoy your Alaska vacation without worry. We also have a thorough cleaning routine on our vehicles to ensure sanitation and a complete clean on every rental.


We know our cars! We have the knowledge needed to make sure you get in the right rental vehicle for your needs. From cars, to trucks, to vans, we have you and your family covered.

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Valley Car Rentals offers daily and weekly car rentals at a great price in Wasilla, AK and surrounding areas. We are family owned, fun, and friendly. We have lived, worked, and played in AK for years and know all of the exciting spots to check out. We know our area well and can guide you into the vehicle that suits your destinations. Valley Car Rentals is constantly working on our fleet to ensure that we have the newest and most in demand vehicles available with all of the great features you would like! We want to make your Alaska vacation fun!

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2022 Kia Rio

2022 Kia Rio
Unlimited mileage

2022 Chevy Traverse

Seats 8
Unlimited mileage

2022 Chevy Malibu

Seats 5
Unlimited miles

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Wasilla Car Rentals

You are finally headed to Wasilla. You have your "best of" list of underground spots. If you don't want the bus schedule to dictate your life or the rideshare system to make your commute more challenging, having your own vehicle is the best choice! Valley Car Rentals has a Wasilla rental car that is affordable and allows you to drive around town to all the places your friends are talking about! We have a vehicle for every trip - from tough 4x4s that conquer snowy expeditions to compact hatchbacks that allow you to navigate the city with ease - we have it all. Valley Car Rentals offers car rentals to help you explore Alaska's stunning sights and sounds. This magical destination is perfect to explore for the adventurous explorer. You can have more freedom in Wasilla with a well-equipped rental car. Valley Car Rentals offers a wide range of well-equipped, modern cars. There are many popular makes and models that you can choose from.

Clean Quality Vehicles that let you explore more places

go beyond your limits

Rent a 4×4 to explore Alaska’s charming destinations on its gravel roads, through tundra, timber, and small towns.

Cruise around the area to discover hidden hotspots that aren’t featured on everyone’s social media feed. Grab your car and get out there! It’s about freedom and being able to plan your vacation how you like.

Maybe this is your chance to live life up. A luxury car sets the tone.

If you are looking for a vehicle that can be used in the great outdoors, or to provide extra security on slippery roads, a pickup truck rental is a great option.

Valley Car Rentals’ minivans and vans for 15 passengers have comfortable seating. You can make traveling with others easier by visiting the Alaska Zoo and other destinations.

Perhaps it is not about the make or model. It could be that you simply want the best price. It is your choice which car you buy, as well as how you pick it!

Valley Car Rentals can provide rental cars for your most unusual itinerary. It is locally owned and operated by employees who are well-versed in Alaska’s roads. They will offer helpful advice and offer reliable wheels.

Want more vacation time? You can rent a car monthly for extended stays in Alaska. There are no long-term commitments so your vacation can be as long as it takes.

We are committed to cleanliness

Valley Car Rentals makes sure that every rental vehicle is cleaned thoroughly between each rental. This includes vacuuming, washing, and wiping down the vehicle with a disinfectant that is compliant with leading health authorities, paying particular attention to 20-plus high touch points.

Car rental companies always prioritize vehicle cleanliness. Valley Car Rentals has enhanced cleaning available to make sure that your vehicle is clean. You can search our site to check if enhanced cleaning is available for your Wasilla rental car. Policies also change with the times. We will try our best to stay on top!

Alaska vacations

Alaska vacations are a chance to make a connection with Alaska's natural beauty, culture, and wildlife.

What is better than a car that costs less? You’ll be amazed at the places you discover. With the money you’ve saved, you can travel even further if you rent at Valley Car Rentals. Valley Car Rentals offers the best car rentals and rates in Wasilla.

Alaska’s main transportation route runs from Seward in Southcentral Alaska to Anchorage. While most summer visitors use bus or train transport to get to their destination, many of our guests prefer driving to save time and money, particularly when traveling to remote destinations such as Homer or Valdez.

Alaska’s most attractive destinations lie along gravel roads, through tundra, timber, and charming towns. The 4-wheel drive vehicles of Valley Car Rentals are ideal for these rough roads. For your custom road trip, choose a Jeep, SUV or pickup from our selection – you can drive all the routes to the Arctic Circle with a van, or pickup!

Alaska is the land with superlatives. It has the largest national parks, highest peak, longest coastline, largest state, longest night and longest days. These incredible qualities are just a few of the many.

With so many great sites to see you're sure to have an amazing time when you rent a car from valley car rentals

Alaska’s far North contains the country’s Arctic ecosystem. The northern lights dance above the snowy tundra during winter and birds and caribou graze on long summer days.

Alaska measures 663,300 acres and is half the size of all 48 states. Alaska is the United States’s largest state, and it is larger than the three next largest combined.

Alaska is home to many Indigenous cultures, with 229 tribes that are federally recognized across the state.

Alaska is a large state and you may not be able to plan a trip there. Do not worry. The Alaskakans know how to make their home wild and beautiful, and know the best ways of showing it off to tourists. There is a vacation package to fit every budget and skill level. You can ride scenic railways or fish in glacier-fed rivers. Or you can wander the primordial forests in search of grizzlies.

Some of the packages you’ll find are all-inclusive. Pick your adventure, or choose from several. There is so much to explore!


Why is it so hard to rent a car in Alaska?

The lack of cars stems from a mixture of global and local factors, including a shortage of car parts important for manufacturing new vehicles and an intensely seasonal rental car market in the state.

How much is it to rent a car in Alaska for a week?

How much does it cost to rent a car for a week in Alaska? On average a rental car in Alaska costs $664 per week ($95 per day).

Are rental cars available in Alaska?

You can rent a car in Alaska from all the major brands: Hertz, Avis, Thrifty, Dollar, Budget, Enterprise, Alamo, National.

Can I rent a car in Alaska at 20?

To rent a car in Alaska, you need to be at least 21 years old.

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